Framed by the general theme Education 2.0, the II International Congress – ICT in Education 2012, organized by the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon, stimulates the presentation of original works related to the following topics:

A. Theoretical approaches on the use of technologies for educational purposes

  1. New Theoretical approaches on teaching, training and learning
  2. Prospective Sceneries on the integration of ICT on Education and Training
  3. Educational Programs with ICT: national and international perspectives

B. Projects and practices of curricular integration of technologies

  1. Experiences with ICT and new curriculum approaches
  2. Development of digital educational resources
  3. ICT and new methodologies for evaluation
  4. ICT and lifelong learning
  5. ICT, inclusion and special educational needs

C. Virtual learning environments and digital habitats

  1. Social Networks and Online Communities
  2. Communication and Collaboration in Virtual Environments
  3. e-Portfolios and Personal learning Environments
  4. Serious Games and Multi-user virtual games
  5. Educational Robotics
  6. 3D virtual worlds, simulators and other multimedia applications

D. Competencies and professional development of teachers, educators and other professionals

  1. Digital literacies and new professional skills
  2. New training approaches and strategies
  3. Web 2.0 and the challenge of teaching qualifications

E. E-learning and emergent educational applications

  1. Platforms and technologies for supporting teaching and learning
  2. e-Tutoring systems and strategies
  3. Mobile learning and technologies
  4. Distance learning
  5. e/b-Learning on Higher Education